Drop-Off Scheduled Safety Guidelines – COVID19

Dear Client, 

Thank you for trusting us with the medical health of your beloved pet.  The safety of our customers, patients and employees is our top priority.  We have been working around the clock to implement safeguards based on guidance from health experts, the veterinary association and NY State Regulations. We ask for your understanding during this time as we are experiencing high volumes of pets in need.  If you feel sick, stay home and/or make arrangements so your pet can be dropped off by a friend or family member.   

1. All appointments are now on a Drop-Off Schedule Basis:

  • To help maintain appropriate social distancing, we accommodate clients drop-off at specific time windows. Drop-off logistics take time. We advise that you are on time for your drop-off appointment. 
  • Please understand that the drop-off time is not the time your pet will be examined by the doctor.
  • Medical Examination will be happening throughout the day.  Doctors and Nurses are working really hard and around the clock to successfully see patients. They prioritize not only for arrival time but also by critical state and medical needs of the patients. 
  • Many veterinary clinics are closed.  The volume of pets in need is high.  For that reason it will not be possible for us to provide you with a pick up time.  Rest assured that your pet is in good hands. We stop drop-off appointments at 5:00 PM but continue working until the last pet is cared for and picked up.

2. Appointment Safety Guidelines:  

  • We request that ALL our clients (no exceptions) wear a face MASK or some form of mask that covers the nose and mouth inside of our facility. 
  • Feel free to use the Hand Sanitizers at the clinic for you and your pet(s) belongings.
  • Social Distancing – We can only allow 1 client per family pet. A maximum of 2 clients will be permitted in the reception area at a time.  Please follow the social distancing signs placed throughout the clinic walls and floor to better understand where to interact safely. 
  • If reception is full at your arrival time, you can wait in line in the safety of our hallway until a space is available.  Remember that our hallway is small so it only will be able to provide shelter for 2 clients at a time. Please do not wait in the steps of the stairs as this presents a safety hazard for pets, children and other clients, instead wait at the button of the stairs.  If you are accompanied by a friend, partner, or family member we invite you to use the Tropical Restaurant’s cute outdoor facility. 

3. Pet handling –  We will not handle pet belongings, including collars and leashes.

  • Dog owners – Please take all your pet(s) personal items back with you, including leashes, harness and collars, carriers.
  • Cat owners – For safety, it’s a possibility that we elect to not take your cat out from the carrier in the reception area.  We ask you that you please clean your carrier as carefully as possible before arrival with Clorox or an alcohol-based solution. 

4. Medical Examination – What to expect: 

  • After check-in with the receptionist a nurse will come out to further discuss the health of your pet before taking him/her into the treatment area.
  • Doctors will do a thorough physical examination on your pet. 
  • The doctor and/or nurses will call you or text you to explain the best treatment plan and all necessary steps to bring your pet to good health.  Remember they are busy making miracles, do not worry if it takes time for them to call you, they will call, you can count on it.
  • At pick up,  nurses will give you all discharge instructions so you can take care of your pet at home.
  • Payment for services rendered will be taken care of in person at  reception or by  phone.

5.Things to Keep in Consideration:

    • We are very passionate about saving the lives of hundreds of pets every week .  For us there is no bigger responsibility, no higher purpose, no better privilege.  
    • Keep in mind that these are unprecedented times and we are all adapting and continuously implementing new measures for safety interaction. 
    • While we will strive to keep our appointments on time, setbacks will happen. As we may experience staff shortages, please be patient with us while we continue to provide care to you and your pets. We appreciate your trust and thank you for your understanding while working with us. 
    • Only a handful of veterinary clinics are providing services during this pandemic. Therefore, the volume of pets in need is high.  We are working hard and doing our very best  to care for all our clients..  
    • We need the phone lines available to better serve you, please wait patiently until our staff calls you for updates or pickup instructions.  You will be receiving a phone call when the staff is ready to give you their undivided attention, we promise!! 
    • Our Staff is risking their lives and overcoming a lot of challenges in order to care for your beloved pet.  These are extraordinary circumstances and we are all doing our very best to cope with it. We request that you are Kind and Appreciate the services these essential workers are providing you with.   
    • We instituted a zero tolerance for intolerance policy.  Even when we strive to provide you with an excellent  customer experience and you are more than welcome to openly discuss your needs.  We require that you do it in a respectful manner.  We will not tolerate insults, bullies, racist slurs, yelling, condescending and/or uncooperative attitudes. Please remember that we reserve the right to refuse services to any client that does not comply with our rules.  
    • Your cooperation, kindness, compassion, understanding, appreciation towards us as well as your willingness to comply with our rules and protocols will be pivotal to our ability to provide you with medical services.
    • If you need our help with prescriptions, food, dispensing medications, treats, preventative etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Pandemic Safety protocols:

  • We have instituted mandatory hand-washing protocols for our staff.
  • We have increased the frequency of disinfecting all areas of the hospital and especially the client areas.
  • We use the strongest medical germicidal and virus killer in the market, rest assure you are safe with us.
  • We cleared all the reception seating areas and exam rooms to avoid cross contamination. 
  • We cancel all internships and externships as we are operating with the essential staff.  
  • We have activated pandemic management protocols following all the guidelines established by the WHO, CDC. OSHA and the veterinary association.
  • Prevention is the best policy.  Please understand that everything we implemented is with your safety in mind. 

We will continue to respond to the latest on COVID‑19 with customer and employee safety top of mind. For additional information about the Coronavirus, visit the: 

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website

As always, we will strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your pet. Thank you for being a part of the Heart of Harlem family.

Please take care of yourself. We love you! 


Heart of Harlem Veterinary Clinic Team